Bringing Information Security to the Boardroom

A cybersecurity compromise can be a disaster for a business. It is crucial that board members prioritise cybersecurity and take it seriously.

Cyberattacks, data breaches and ransomware are increasing in frequency and cost. This makes them a critical corporate governance issue that impacts every business and organisation. In a recent survey, directors ranked cybersecurity as one of their top threats.

The issue is that often the management of a company including its board lacks a clear understanding of how to minimize security risks and safeguard sensitive data. This is due to a lack of communication between boardrooms and IT professionals.

It is essential to ensure that the boardroom is protected methods to access vital information. LBMC provides a variety of products to help ensure that information spoken in a boardroom is kept. RF window films, for example, can prevent electronic data theft and eavesdropping during meetings within a conference rooms. Privacy window films are a a great choice for offices and other workspaces.

When it comes to discussing cybersecurity with the boardroom, CISOs need to present their thoughts in a manner that is easily understood to the management and board team. They must be able to clearly describe the severity of the threat and illustrate how to prioritize the investment required to reduce that risk. They should stay clear of “geekspeak”, and instead use an approach that is based on risk for cybersecurity. This quantification methodology gives the management team and board with a framework for making informed strategic decisions.